gordon-janitor: Reconciliation Service for Gordon

Cloud DNS reconciliation - a service that checks cloud DNS records against a source of truth and submits corrections to gordon.

Release v0.0.1.dev7 (What’s new?).


This is still in the planning phase and under active development. Gordon-Janitor should not be used in production, yet.


  • Python 3.6

Support for other Python versions may be added in the future.


For development and running tests, your system must have all supported versions of Python installed. We suggest using pyenv.


$ git clone git@github.com:spotify/gordon-janitor.git && cd gordon-janitor
# make a virtualenv
(env) $ pip install -r dev-requirements.txt

Running tests

To run the entire test suite:

# outside of the virtualenv
# if tox is not yet installed
$ pip install tox
$ tox

If you want to run the test suite for a specific version of Python:

# outside of the virtualenv
$ tox -e py36

To run an individual test, call pytest directly:

# inside virtualenv
(env) $ pytest tests/test_foo.py

Build docs

To generate documentation:

(env) $ pip install -r docs-requirements.txt
(env) $ cd docs && make html  # builds HTML files into _build/html/
(env) $ cd _build/html
(env) $ python -m http.server $PORT

Then navigate to localhost:$PORT!

To watch for changes and automatically reload in the browser:

(env) $ cd docs
(env) $ make livehtml  # default port 8888
# to change port
(env) $ make livehtml PORT=8080

Code of Conduct

This project adheres to the Open Code of Conduct. By participating, you are expected to honor this code.

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